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Arborvitae, Russian :(Microbiota decussata) (view product details)
This plant has stirred considerable interest among gardeners. The plant grows about 12 inches high but spreads almost indefinitely. The tips of the shoots nod gracefully. The summer foliage is bright green, but turns brownish purple in the winter.
Cedar, Atlas weeping, Glauca Pendula :(Cedrus Atlantica) (view product details)
This evergreen is a weeping form with bluish foliage. The branches cascade like water over rocks. It must be staked to develop a strong leader. It is a beautiful specimen tree. Prune to shape.
Cedar, Japanese, Vilmoriniana :(Cryptomeria Japonica) (view product details)
This is a compact evergreen, that grows 1-2 feet high. It is a high mound of dense foliage. It is a good collectors item or rock garden plant.
Cedar, Teddy Dwarf :(Thuja occidentalis) (view product details)
Teddy Bear is a new introduction to landscape plants. It is a well formed plant that grows to a height of 16". A great foundation plant, and needs little maintenance.
Cedar, Weeping, Lebanon :(Cedrus liban) (view product details)
A handsome form with gracefully hanging branches. It is grafted high to produce a small tree.. It has dark green foliage.
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