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Cedar, Atlas weeping, Glauca Pendula :(Cedrus Atlantica) (view product details)
This evergreen is a weeping form with bluish foliage. The branches cascade like water over rocks. It must be staked to develop a strong leader. It is a beautiful specimen tree. Prune to shape.
Cedar, Weeping, Lebanon :(Cedrus liban) (view product details)
A handsome form with gracefully hanging branches. It is grafted high to produce a small tree.. It has dark green foliage.
Cedar, white, Emerald(Smaragd) :(Thuja occidentalis) (view product details)
Ererald is a narrow, compact, pyramidal form that grows 10-15 feet high by 3-4 feet wide. It has bright, lustrous emerald green foliage. It doesn't discolour in the winter. It has excellent heat tolerance. It is also cold hardy. It can be susceptible to wind, snow or...
Cedar, White, Green Giant :(Thuja Occidentalis) (view product details)
Green Giant Cedar is a fast growing Evergreen. It makes an excellent hedge with a conical shape. Green Giant can grow up to 3' a year in ideal conditions. Grows 60' x 10' tall. Zone 5 It is disease resistant and adaptable to many soils.
Cedar, white, Little Giant :(Thuja occidentalis) (view product details)
Little Giant is a slow growing evergreen. It is globe-shaped in a small form. It has rich green foliage.
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